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Eyes wide open

February 19, 2016

We have reached a sort of midpoint to the semester, where winter break is a distant memory and spring break is a far-off mirage. We have also reached a point where many of my safety tips have been given...

Attack of the creepers

February 5, 2016

The University Circle (UC) area, of which Case Western Reserve University is a part, is often a hub of activity. Between people going to a symphony, getting a new heart or trying to get to class without...

Protect your burrow

January 29, 2016

So next week is Groundhog Day, my favorite rodent-based holiday. The gist of the day is to observe what the groundhog does when it emerges from its burrow to determine how far away winter’s end is. (Some...

Back in town

January 15, 2016

The Case Western Reserve University Police Department would like to welcome back all our returning students, staff and faculty. While it was great to have the place to ourselves for a bit, it does get...

Break time

November 20, 2015

We are approaching Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. No costumes to wear, gifts to buy or pretending to care about your fellow man—just overeating with family and friends and watching football on the...

Campus violence

October 22, 2015

The normal function of this column is to try and put out some basic campus living and safety tips, as well as the Case Western Reserve University Police Department’s take on things in a generally lighthearted...

Heads up

October 8, 2015

Walking around the Case Western Reserve University campus in the early fall can be fun; leaves change color, there’s a little snap in the air and geese fly overhead for points south. It can also be a...

Incidents involving alcohol likely to increase during Fall

October 1, 2015

We have entered the fall season, a lovely time of year in Ohio marked by migrating geese, nut-gathering squirrels, pumpkin spice lattés at Starbucks and an increase in alcohol-related incidents here at...

On the Beat: Fire, fire

On the Beat: Fire, fire
On the beat
September 11, 2015

You are about to drift off to sleep after another fun-filled day here in Spartanland, going into your own special happy place when “BRAAAANG.” As you snap awake, you swiftly realize you are not in...

CWRU police blotter Aug. 26 to Sept. 2

September 3, 2015

Aug. 26: Assault—Student punched in chest by male walking past at E. 115th and Juniper; UCPD arrested a suspect in a similar incident the same evening Aug. 26: Petty theft—Cell phone taken from...

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