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Taekman: Spartan School Spirit

Sarah Taekman, Columnist

October 14, 2016

Imagine your archetypical college football game. The screaming student section and the echoes of the marching band bouncing around the stadium as a player gears his arm back and throws, full-force. A moment of near tangible tension as the ball sails into the end zone, an explosion of noise when i...

Blue CWRU, the Spartan spirit solution

Blue CWRU, the Spartan spirit solution

JP. O'Hagan, Sports Editor

September 18, 2015

Walking into Horsburgh Gymnasium for the Wednesday night matchup between the Spartans and the visiting Mt. Union Raiders, there’s something different. A student runs by in a Case Western Reserve University cape; another two greet you at a table right next to the door. As one of the first 25 students...

No Pride

Sgt. Jeffrey Daberko and Officer Mark Chavis

February 5, 2015

Up until this week, if you were driving or walking along Euclid Avenue near the intersection with Adelbert Road, you would have seen the words “Case Western Reserve University” in metal letters across the wall next to Adelbert Hall. It was an advertisement and a statement of where you were at the...

New Spirit Wall up and ready for posting

Sruthi Meka, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2014

The Spirit Wall is back. Previously located behind Thwing Center, it was taken down due to the construction of the Tinkham Veale University Center. However, it’s back now, and larger than ever before. “The purpose of the Spirit Wall, in my eyes, is a venue for student organizations and groups...

School spirit (emphasis on school)

Kevin Qosja

November 7, 2014

What do you picture when you think of school spirit: painted faces, pep rallies, pom-poms, screaming students and a large crowd doing the wave when their home town makes that winning touchdown? Those all sound like fair (and rather exciting) descriptors for school spirit, but those are not the only ways...

Homecoming heroes

Anastazia Vanisko, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

Even though Case Western Reserve University’s Homecoming only lasts one week, the planning starts much earlier. This year, CWRU wanted Homecoming to focus more on school spirit and pride, requiring even more innovation and effort from the planners as they modified their approach. Lou Stark, the...

Where’s Spartie?

School Spirit

JP. O’Hagan, Sports Editor

October 16, 2014

A horrible tragedy struck the members of the Case Western Reserve University community. Our beloved mascot has gone missing. Spartie is no where to be found. He was last seen happily smiling and waving during orientation week. He flexed his muscles and helped freshmen move into their new residence...

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