Taking a Bite out of Cleveland… at Fat Cats


Teddy Eisenberg/Observer

On Mondays at Fat Cats, visitors can get a multiple-course meal for the reasonable price of $25.

There aren’t usually many reasons to get excited for a Monday, but “Fat Monday” at Fat Cats in Tremont is certainly one.

Fat Cats is one of many cozy eateries in the restaurant-dense Tremont area of Cleveland, setting itself apart with a breathtakingly stunning window view of the downtown skyline and an eclectic menu that melds the flavors of Asia, Europe, North and South America into a delightful bouillabaisse of dishes.

On “Fat Monday,” these dishes can be enjoyed as a combined meal of appetizer, entrée and dessert for the comparably low price of $25.

The Brussels sprouts are a fresh and tasty way to start the meal, blending flavorful elements of char and Parmesan cheese with tangy zucchini to perfectly compliment the fatty undertones of the dish. Anyone that believes Brussels sprouts are a lesser vegetable by virtue of their taste should try these. They’re dead wrong.

Fat Cats barbeque ribs are a killer entrée, infused with Korean flavors in their spicy soy barbecue sauce and tempered by a palate-cleansing salad of vinegar marinated napa cabbage and a crispy pile of ultra thin pomme frites. The portion size is generous, with the ribs tender enough to be picked apart by hand with just the right amount of mess and made even better by the accompanying serving of red spicy-sweet chimichurri sauce.

No matter the appetizer or entrée preceding it, the blueberry and lavender crème brûlée is a highly recommended way to finish “Fat Monday.” With the lavender providing a depth to the dish’s sweetness, this is an intensely satisfying dessert. The few blueberries that garnish the dish also work to cut the sweetness with savory flavor.

Among all of Tremont’s restaurants, Fat Cats is one of the area’s most accessible and unique, offering a delicious menu in a comfortable house-like setting. And on Mondays for $25, it simply can’t be beat.

Restaurant: Fat Cats
Location: Tremont, 2061 West 10th St.
Prices: $6 – $20
Rating: ★★★★☆