Taking a bite out of Cleveland …at Luna Bakery & Café


Teddy Eisenberg / Observer

Luna’s delicate macaroons

Teddy Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

Comfortable is the first word that comes to mind when describing Luna, the bakery and café located just off the intersection of Cedar Rd. and Fairmount Rd. Whether peering into Luna’s kitchen from the roadside patio or sitting in its neat, elegant interior, this small restaurant exudes an endearing charm that is only reinforced by its veritable assortment of panini, crêpes, macaroons and croissants.

Of all the things Luna does well, the smoked turkey crêpe on traditional batter may indeed be one of the best: a highlight that is a near perfect tribute to its French counterpart.

The magic starts in front of the large, circular crêpe makers as the batter is spread in a way that transfixes, slowly rolling and stretching into a thin pancake of wheat flour, milk and eggs. When finished and bit into, this pancake is crispy in texture and egg-y in taste, leaving a faint aftertaste of butter that tempts you to eat more. The turkey inside is lean and nicely flavored with a subtle smoke, a quality amplified by the tomatoes and spinach that also lay within the folds of the crêpe. A freshly chopped cup of salsa is provided as a compliment too, and is good enough to be gulped down by itself. For a late breakfast or lunch, there is little to argue about. Luna’s smoked turkey crêpe is a delicious and satisfying dish.

For dessert, Luna’s macaroons are full of playful and inventive choices, ranging in flavors from lemon to caramel sea salt to hazelnut. Each resembling a puffed-up Oreo, these macaroons break instantly after even the daintiest bite, revealing a intensely delicious center. Fans of Nutella will particularly enjoy the hearty taste of the hazelnut macaroon.

A recent addition to Luna’s desert menu is ice cream from Sweetie Fry, a local Cleveland Heights business. Of the seasonal flavors offered, the Turkish coffee stands out as an interesting culinary experience. Made from roasted and finely ground coffee beans covered in the gingery spice cardamom, this ice cream contains the most concentrated coffee flavor one can experience. Turkish coffee is made by directly pouring coffee grounds into boiling water, allowing them to settle into a kind of mud. Strangely enough, this unique method of preparation comes through in the flavor of the ice cream. Thick and muddy tasting at first, the taste of this ice cream evolves over the course of seconds into a sweetly spiced treat, elevated by the cardamom.

Overall, Luna Bakery & Café is a wonderful breakfast or lunch spot with lots to offer in the form of baked good and light fare, especially including crêpes. Plan on dining here within the next week; you won’t regret it.

Luna Bakery offers a great selection of lunch and dessert  choices.
Luna Bakery offers a great selection of lunch and dessert choices.