Taking a bite out of Cleveland … At Nighttown’s Sunday Brunch


A Nighttown breakfast platter.

Teddy Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

Contrary to what Nighttown’s name may suggest, dining at this restaurant should not be limited to exclusively evening events. This jazz club meets eatery has plenty to offer to those not looking to catch a show, especially on its patio in the late-morning and early afternoon.

Nighttown’s bright and spacious patio is a less-intimate foil to the dark, swanky interior Clevelanders know so well, but is by no means less pleasant. Instead of walls flanked with framed jazz memorabilia, a sweeping panorama of the Cedar Hill “skyline” spreads the length of the restaurant’s exterior. A garbling fountain complements the cheerful chatter of customers ranging from three to 70 years old. Even if foods weren’t involved, the patio would be an enjoyable place to sit and soak in the all-too-fleeting summer sunshine over a cup of coffee or tea.

Out of Nighttown’s broad breakfast selection, the lobster benedict is a highlight. The dish’s presentation is a sloppy yet composed assortment of items: Eggs, Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce and lobster rest atop two English muffins with a medley of potatoes and green peppers positioned to the side.

The first bite of benedict is greeted with a rich dribble of egg yolk, working to overcome otherwise dry Canadian bacon. Zesty hollandaise sauce helps in this regard too, playing off the lobster; a welcome addition to this classic breakfast fare. The mix of green peppers and potatoes is unfortunately bland by itself, but perfectly suited for piling on the crisp English muffins. This is satisfying food best eaten in big, composed mouthfuls and not picked apart piece by piece.

For those interested in a pleasant brunch, Nighttown is an excellent and affordable option, especially for dates. Case Western students living on South-Side simply have no excuse. A button-down shirt or blouse is recommended, but shouldn’t be a deterrent. Nighttown’s patio makes it easy for everyone to sit back and enjoy hearty breakfast food in a spectacular setting.