Thanksgiving weekend gives much needed break before finals

Nihal Manjila, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving break was a welcome respite from schoolwork for students. It also gave them a chance to recharge before finals and spend time with friends and family back home. This took place in many different ways for students from Cleveland and beyond.  

Case Western Reserve University students traveled all across the United States and out of the country for Thanksgiving break. Due to distance, some students who live farther away have been unable to visit their homes during the past months. This break gave those students the opportunity to do just that.    

First-year student Maite Rey visited her family in Florida over break. Upon returning home, she prepared and enjoyed classic Thanksgiving food to celebrate the holiday. She also went Black Friday shopping, but Rey was never entirely free of schoolwork.

“I was doing ALEKS when I was able to,” she said, referring to the online homework portal used for chemistry courses. Homework, however, did not take away from enjoying the warm temperatures and relaxing locale. Florida has a large number of beaches, and Rey took advantage of that fact.

“I hung out with a friend at the beach,” said Rey. She also spoke about how different warm temperatures and sand felt after being in the Cleveland snow.

Another first-year student, Meghna Srinivasan, flew back to her hometown in New Jersey for break. She went to her high school’s football game against their rival on Thanksgiving, when alumni traditionally attend to spectate or participate in the game, marching band or other activities. Srinivasan’s family also holds an annual Thanksgiving tournament consisting of various games and challenges, such as cards or charades.

“My [sister] and I won for the second year in a row,” Srinivasan said, noting that the family member(s) in charge of organizing the tournament can add new events. “This year, we added an escape room event.”

All in all, many spent the weekend after Thanksgiving seeing old friends and relaxing with family before returning to campus and preparing for finals.