The Den extends meal swipe specialties

Virginia Behmer, Staff Reporter

The Den by Denny’s, colloquially known as “The Den,” has expanded their portable “special” meal swipe menu. Students will now be able to order the Quinoa Wrap, Turkey BLT, Italian Panini, Ham Egg & Cheese Melt and Veggie Mash-Up Burrito.

The change came over winter break after reviewing results from the Student Voice Dining Survey conducted by Bon Appetit Management Co. The online survey was sent out last October and November and encouraged students to voice feedback regarding the campus dining options.

“Several changes were made over winter break to respond to the students’ asks,” said Director of Auxiliary Services Beth Nochomovitz. “These include extended hours to use portable swipes in Tomlinson and [the Tinkham Veale University Center], more vegetarian options everywhere and five more menu items added as part of the meal swipe option at The Den.”

A rice bowl and grain option in L3 Grill and Halal chicken sourced from the West Side Market were added last semester in response to students’ requests.

“Our chefs are continuing to find ways to increase menu diversity and keep the interest of our diners,” Nochomoviz said.

Although pleased with the increased dining options, students still crave their old favorites from the previous meal plan: the Guacamole Chicken Burrito, the Bacon Cheeseburger and the Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger.

“My first year I would use almost all my special swipes at The Den by Denny’s. Eventually I developed a routine where I would alternate between the Guacamole Chicken Burrito and the Bacon Cheeseburger,” said third-year student Jacob Porter. “[The Den was] basically the only place I could regularly get guacamole and bacon. In those days Leutner didn’t serve bacon at brunch.”

Similar sentiments are shared by second-year student Maddie Smith, who says she “misses her guacamole chicken burrito,” and also believes that “The Den fries are too spicy.”

Other students are also personally invested in the missing options. “I would gladly never marry for the [Chipotle Chicken] ‘Tangler’ Burger. If only it would come back again,” said second-year student Mario Tanabe.

The Guacamole Chicken Burrito, Bacon Cheeseburger and the Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger are still available at The Den using money or CaseCash. However, other options are no longer available at all.

“Unfortunately Denny’s corporate has removed onion rings from their menu so we are unable to add these back even though they are greatly missed,” Nochomoviz said.

According to Nochomoviz, the Student Voice Dining Survey will be sent out again this upcoming spring after these changes have been made rather than annually to ensure Dining Services are “meeting student needs.”

“Bon Appetit and CWRU Dining Services are always looking for ways to improve student satisfaction with the meal plan.” Said Nochomoviz.

Students can also give input through Bon Appetit’s “Just Ask” policy and the Food Committee.