The Jolly Scholar launches weekly comedy series

Next performance on Dec. 3

Julia Bianco, News Editor

Comedy fans, rejoice! The Jolly Scholar is bringing the local comedy scene to campus with their new Wednesday night comedy series, in partnership with Chucklefck.

“The thought was to try to find something that was interesting to a freshman in their first semester and a graduate student,” said Matt Vann, owner of the Jolly Scholar. “We want students to say, ‘I’ll put down my books for an hour, see if these people can make me laugh in the middle of my studies.’ It’s something to help you get over the hump.”

Curated by prominent local stand-up Ramon Rivas, the shows will feature “a mixture of grizzled veterans, upcoming locals and talent from all over the country.”

The first show, held on Nov. 12, featured Bill Squire, Ryan Dalton and David Flynt. The next show, on Dec. 3 at 9:30 p.m., will feature Michael Ivy, Jimmie Graham, Rob Ward and Brian Kenny. There will also be a show on Dec. 10, and then every Wednesday after the university returns from winter break.

Wednesday night bingo will still be played after the show is over.

Vann is optimistic about the future of comedy nights, saying that there is a chance that big name comedians who are performing in Cleveland could stop by to try out new material in the laid back atmosphere. He also said that there may be opportunities for aspiring comics at CWRU to try out their skills.

“We would love for the whole campus to get involved with it,” said Vann.

“We’re trying to create stuff that includes everybody on some level,” he added. “We’re working hard to get there, and this is one of the next steps to getting to that point.”