The Modern Electric look to soundtrack your year

Teddy Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

The Modern Electric, Cleveland’s own crafters of “cinematic pop,” have announced plans to create a soundtrack for their fans in 2015.

Each month in the upcoming year will see a new single released from the quartet’s forthcoming album, “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” due out this June. Given the group’s strong relationship to film, each track will also feature its own accompanying visual counterpart.

“We are excited to be growing as filmmakers, writers, directors as well as musicians. There is so much room for art around the music, and as a cinematic pop band, it is our job to take advantage of those opportunities,” said bassist and drummer Matthew Childers.

January’s single is the aptly titled “Great Expectations,” produced by Mike McCarthy, who is known for his work with Spoon. For lead singer Garrett Koymati, the power of this new single is in the commonality that listeners will experience.

“The new material becomes a universal soundtrack in a way,” he said. “Modern Electric fans will be living their lives, listening to “Great Expectations” in their cars and in their bedrooms, making memories to this new track. Twenty years from now they will hear that song and be brought back to the experiences they created in January of 2015. It’s like emotional time travel. The best part is that, as each month passes, there will be something new to look forward to.”

Look for each of The Modern Electric’s new songs at your favorite digital music outlet and music videos at the band’s website.