The Observer predicts Greek Week main events for fun


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The Observer predicts Delta Gamma and Phi Delta Theta will win the always intense rope pull competition this year.

Taylor Moran, Executive Editor

Rope pull and pyramid are the two most-hyped events of Greek Week. Both sororities and fraternities spend countless hours crawling through the mud and holding positions in trenches preparing for the events. With the competition as intense as ever before, The Observer decided to try and predict the results. (As you can tell, we had some fun with these predictions, so don’t get mad at us when they all turn out to be wrong.)  

Sorority Rope Pull

Likely Winner: Delta Gamma

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this will end up being the inevitable result.  

Underdog: Phi Sigma Rho

Well, they probably are going to drop the rope, so there’s that, but maybe they will actually try and pull this year.


Sorority Pyramid

Likely Winner: Alpha Phi

There isn’t really any justification to this prediction, just a feeling.

Underdog: Sigma Psi

They work hard every year and maybe this year will be their year.


Fraternity Rope Pull (Competitive)

Likely Winner: Phi Delta Theta.

There is the reason they are the coaches for almost all of the sororities.  They know exactly what they are doing and aren’t afraid to trench anyone.

Underdog: Beta Theta Pi.  

The suits might actually help them this year.  We shall see.


Fraternity Pyramid

Likely Winner: Delta Sigma Phi

Maybe those killer Bhangra skills they showed at Variety Show last year have made them faster.

Underdog: Zeta Psi

If they practice more than just the day of, they might actually have a shot.
We wish everyone good luck, even if those not mentioned above, and hope they enjoy themselves at the competitions.