The Observer’s Playlist of the Week: 10/18

Jason Walsh, Staff Reporter

Star Slinger – “Free”

Star Slinger has been around for a while, releasing two pretty great mixtapes in 2010, “Rogue Cho Pa” and “Volume 1.” His style is something like chopped and screwed Motown— he pitches up old-school soul vocals and puts them over his own beats. It’s like if OG Ron C worked at Stax in the 60s. Star Slinger has an album coming out in early 2014, which is apparently his debut.

Eminem – “Rap God”

This is the third single off of “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” due out Nov. 5. “Rap God” opens with some Wu Tang-style B-movie dialogue samples, and then Eminem does his usual thing for a little more than six minutes. I’ve never been a big Eminem fan, and if anybody is going to get away with rap songs calling themselves gods it’s Kanye, not Eminem, but nonetheless I’m kind of excited for LP 2.

Tegan and Sara – “Shudder To Think”

Here’s a sentence I never imagined writing: This new Tegan and Sara song is off the soundtrack of a forthcoming Matthew McConaughey movie. The movie is apparently set in the 80s, and “Shudder To Think” is a solid three minutes of 80s-channeling synthpop, so I guess it makes sense… No, it still doesn’t.

Joey Bada$$ – “Hilary Swank”

Joey Bada$$ frequently gets labeled a “boom-bap revivalist,” in that his style is a throwback to the late 80s/early 90s New York scene that was dominated by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor and other like-minded rappers and producers. “Hilary Swank,” the new video released by Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew, is a good introduction to their musical and visual aesthetic. It’s still no “Survival Tactics” though, which is probably the best Pro Era-related song to date.

Danny Brown – “Dope Song”

Wherein Danny Brown raps about dealing drugs and how he’s not going to rap about dealing drugs anymore. In the video, Danny rides around Detroit in a black Cadillac. It’s pretty classic Danny Brown.