The Observer’s Playlist of the Week: 11/1

Jason Walsh, Staff Reporter

M.I.A. – “Y.A.L.A.”
M.I.A. flips Drake’s Y.O.L.O. motto/hashtag into “You Always Live Again,” the newest single off her forthcoming “Matangi.” That album is due out Nov. 5, and is shaping up to be pretty excellent.

Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind ft. Tyler, the Creator (Rustie Remix)”
This remix is worth a listen just for the bass line that Rustie throws on the chorus. “Trouble On My Mind” came out almost two years ago, so I’m not sure why Rustie chose to release this remix now, but I’m glad he did.

Rick Ross – “Royals (Remix)”
I guess the original version of this song, by someone named Lorde, is a big deal? I didn’t know it until a week or two ago when there was a big internet fuss over whether or not the song is racist. Now, in the irony of all ironies, Rick Ross has dropped a remix of the track which complains about materialism and consumerism in music. He only raps for, like, thirty seconds, but still. Anything related to Ricky Rozay gets to be on this playlist.

Run the Jewels – “Get It”
A few weeks ago, I wrote in these pages about how fantastic the self-titled debut mixtape from Run the Jewels is. El-P and Killer Mike are impeccable rappers and producers, and the mixtape that is the result of their collaboration is as good as you’d expect. “Get It,” off of said mixtape, now has a video which features of a lot of concert footage and shots of El and Mike being goofy.

Elliot Smith – “Trouble”
This is not new at all, but Elliot Smith died 10 years ago this week. His cover of Cat Stevens’ “Trouble” remains one of my favorite Elliot Smith songs, one of my favorite covers and one of my favorite songs of any kind.