The Observer’s Playlist of the Week: 11/8

Jason Walsh, Staff Reporter

Drake – “Come Thru (James Blake Version)”
There is a story floating around the internet that the only decoration on the walls of Drake’s studio is a vinyl copy of James Blake’s debut album. I don’t know if that’s true, but the two are certainly kindred musical spirits. This James Blake remix of “Nothing Was The Same” bonus track “Come Thru” takes Drake’s crooning hip-hop thing and filters it through Blake’s crooning post-dubstep thing.

FIDLAR – “Whatever (Folk Song in C)” (Elliot Smith Cover)
FIDLAR’s self-titled debut album of two minute skate-punk songs is one of my favorite records of 2013. It is also one of the last bands I would expect to see doing an Elliot Smith cover, but this version of “Whatever” is surprisingly excellent and shows a soft acoustic side of FIDLAR I had no idea existed.

Andrew Bird – “Pulaski at Night”
“Pulaski at Night” is the first single from an upcoming EP, “I Want to See Pulaski at Night,” that Andrew Bird is set to release on Nov. 12. After two very solid albums last year (“Break It Yourself” and “Hands of Glory”), Bird looks like he is going to continue his impressive run.

The Killers – “Just Another Girl”
The Killers’ debut album “Hot Fuss” is one of the first albums I remember getting really into way back when. I can’t say that I’ve really stayed a Killers’ fan since then, and who knows how many years it’s been since I sat down and listened to all of “Hot Fuss,” but I kind of like their new single “Just Another Girl.” I almost turned it off halfway through, but I stuck with it until the end and I’m glad I did. It’s a pretty solid little piece of Springsteen-channeling heartland arena rock.

Frightened Rabbit – “Holy”
“Holy” isn’t a new song, it’s off of Frightened Rabbit’s album “Pedestrian Verse” from earlier this year, but a video was just released for it and I’ve got a soft spot for Frightened Rabbit. That Scottish brogue could sing anything and I’d love it.