The procrastinator’s guide to Valentine’s Day

It looks like Cleveland isn’t the city of love.

Website WalletHub recently ranked our city as the eighth worst place to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Why? Our area has high restaurant and party ticket costs as well as the worst weather forecast for 2015. In addition to these dilemmas, you may have forgotten to plan ahead amidst your first round of exams and might be left scrambling for last-minute plans. Here are some ideas to make the best of the worst this Valentine’s Day.

The Romantic Couple

You and your significant other are crazy in love, but you have one big glitch in your dinner date plans: You forgot to make reservations. Every good place is booked all day, so what do you do? Go to Coquette Patisserie to pick up champagne and desserts. No one will ever know you didn’t plan ahead. Want extra brownie points? Pick up their favorite foods from Constantino’s and make a delicious dinner from scratch. Even if you aren’t a professional chef, anything is better than Leutner. It truly is the thought that counts on this special day.

The First Date

You finally mustered up the courage to ask out your crush, but you scheduled your first date for the most romantically anticipated day of the year. To alleviate the pressures of a potentially awkward date, try ice skating at Wade Oval as they “pink the rink” for the holiday. You can impress your date with your skills on ice or have a good laugh when you fall on your butt. I would be in that second category. After you’re done skating, you could even venture to one of the local museums to enjoy the special promotions offered with your rink wristband.

The Friend Group

Just because you don’t have a date does not mean you should miss out on the Valentine’s Day love. Put your semester’s RTA pass to work and travel to Tower City with a group to see a showing of the much-anticipated “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Diehard fans and curious moviegoers alike can enjoy this toned down rendition of the book series. Treat yourselves to some sweets and popcorn to top off the experience.

If “Fifty Shades” isn’t your scene, check out Corner Alley’s Uptown location with your closest pals. Start the evening off with dinner before you hit the lanes for a few rounds of bowling. Their bar also boasts a selection of alcohol, from craft beers to bourbons, for the 21+ crowd. If you’re lucky, their fire pit will be lit for extra ambience and warmth this Valentine’s Day.

Despite its dismal ranking, Cleveland can be an enjoyable place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, for both singles and couples. Think outside the box, get off campus and take a break from your normal routine to show some love this year.