The State of CWRU

The 2012-2013 annual report notes that CWRU ended last year with a $8.4 million operating surplus, a figure which has been growing for the past seven years. President Barbara Snyder remarked at last Tuesday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting that she was “proud that we [the university] finished with a surplus small and growing,” describing it as a “cushion” in case of unexpected emergencies. While the surplus is a small drop in CWRU’s $1 billion operating budget, we decided to ask anyway, what would $8.4 million buy?

  • 938,548 Jolly Burgers
  • 0.168 Tinkham Veale University Centers
  • 202 semesters of tuition
  • 21,001 iPad Airs
  • 64,615 biology textbooks
  • 32,307,692 packages of ramen
  • 1,953,488 Starbucks lattes
  • 93,333 lost dorm keys
  • 336,000 Standard Parking tickets
  • 153 average starting salaries

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