Gupta: The times go on for CWRU journalism and for me

I will never forget the incredible individuals I’ve met and the amazing conversations I’ve had when reporting. The people I get to talk to are what I will miss the most from my time at The Observer.

Since high school, I have always enjoyed writing. I’ve learned here that journalism is a unique opportunity to meet the wonderful people around you and uncover their stories.

I’ve grown most from my time in editing positions. It’s one thing to work on a deadline. It’s another to lead a team of individuals on a deadline. Then there’s my current position: the leader of leaders. I am the editor of editors.

The failures will also stay with me. I will never forget the moments, late at night, when I know there was something we could have done better or differently. I think of all the missed opportunities that occurred throughout the week. The successes, the stories we’ve broken, the times we’ve gotten it right on a tight deadline: those I will also remember.

Thank you to the skilled, dedicated staff that came before me for teaching me. I will always be in your debt. Thank you to Jim Sheeler, journalism professor, for always being ready to talk over the stories we’ve published.

To the passionate students who work to resolve the issues on this campus: you inspire me. In the tired moments when I have wondered why I do this, your enthusiasm has always reignited my spirit to pursue a story and ask questions. Thank you for the time you’ve taken out of your incredibly busy lives to chat with me. Many of you are involved in the resolution of these issues and initiatives, but you’ve worked hard with me to help us play our vital role on this campus.

I’m also thankful to the dedicated staff that have spoken with me for a story. When it comes to campus issues, with some of you, I’ve seen you hesitate to speak with us. I understand the fear of sensitivity in some of these issues, but if you trust us, speak with us. If not, I promise you it’s better to engage and have a conversation about that concern. If we get something wrong, reach out.

I’m glad to see that in my time here, administrators have not imposed their views on the newspaper. Criticism has always come over coffee and has always been conversation. I admire that the campus administrators value this.

That is not the case at other universities. The shortsighted practice of prior review—or other forms of interference—does not make for a strong campus culture. An independent press and forum for dialogue, like The Observer, does.

Nothing is guaranteed. The critical role our staff plays on this campus comes with an equal responsibility. I’m happy The Observer has always been held up by an exceptional group of passionate students that come together each week to publish the newspaper. Thank you to our amazing staff for all the hard work.

This is not the end of times. For me, it’s another step and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. For our returning staff, there are many stories ahead. Many issues on campus remain unresolved and more may appear. I look forward to reading about them in the paper.

Take care.

Kushagra Gupta

Director of Print