Theta Chi to remember deceased student

On Saturday, Feb. 3, Theta Chi is set to hold a ceremony for the late Robert Park, a third-year accounting major who tragically passed away just before winter break. The program will take place in Harkness Chapel at 6 p.m.

Park graduated in 2015 from Canandaigua Academy, near Rochester, New York. At Case Western Reserve University, he studied accounting and finance, and was an active member of the campus community, serving as Theta Chi’s treasurer. Park was very much loved by his classmates and fraternity members.

Friends described Park on Facebook as “one of the most kind and genuine guys [you’ve] ever met,” and capable of “[putting] a smile on the faces of everyone he crossed paths with.”

Garrett Dore, Park’s fraternity members and little, described Park as the kind of individual who  “went out of his way to make me feel appreciated, cared about and included.” He added, “He was patient, warm, compassionate and kind.”

Theta Chi will commemorate Park through a Fallen Brother Ceremony, which will be followed by an open mic for anyone wishing to speak. All are invited to attend.