Third-year basketball player grows with experience

Nicholas Kamlet, Staff Reporter

Monty Khela is a third-year guard on the men’s basketball team. He is a biology major who plans on attending medical school to become a doctor. Additionally, he is a research assistant and a teaching assistant. In his free time, he likes to work out and watch Marvel movies.

What is your favorite part of being on the basketball team? Why?

My favorite part of being on the basketball team is the camaraderie and being given the opportunity to compete with the rest of the guys on a daily basis. The [University Athletic Association] trips are also very fun since we get to travel to major cities and experience other great schools.

Where did you get your passion for basketball? Any good stories?

I got my passion for basketball from my father. Growing up, he was a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, and he kind of sparked my interest in the sport. I played football for a good period of time, but I was always better at basketball and after my sophomore year of high school, I just chose to stick with [playing basketball].

Do you have any games that you remember being particularly special? Why?

Throwback weekend in Adelbert [Gymnasium] last year was pretty special. It was my first time playing an actual game in Adelbert, and there was just an energy in that gym that was different from Horsburgh [Gymnasium]. It was also pretty funny since we wore our throwback jerseys that were about two sizes bigger than our regular jerseys. But we ended up getting two great wins, so the jerseys didn’t affect us too much.

Aside from basketball, what else are you involved in on campus? Can you explain what you do in them?

I’m a research assistant in Dr. [David] Wilson’s Biomedical Imaging lab and am currently working on 3-dimensional fluorescence imaging in frozen and fixed tissue. I’m also a teaching assistant for Genes, Evolution and Ecology lab. I assist the instructor with class preparation and course materials. I also assist students in help rooms or review sessions outside of class time.

Why are you majoring in biology? What interests you about it?

I am majoring in biology because it will eventually help me live a healthier life and improve the lives of others. Biology is also very hands-on with the number of labs and research involved, and I’m a learner that enjoys immersive experiences. What interests me about biology is that it is always around you; you are biology. And I just want to know more about myself and how my body works in relation to my environment.

What do you hope to accomplish with the degree?

With this degree, I plan on applying to medical school and eventually becoming a doctor. I am not sure what specialty yet, but I am leaning towards orthopedics.

What are your favorite free time activities? Why?

I love working out just because I’ve been around sports my whole life and it keeps me in shape. I also like to watch a lot of comic-based superhero movies because I’m a huge Marvel fan.

What is your favorite quote or what inspires you?

One my favorite quotes is from The Godfather: “Great men are not born great, they grow great,” said by Mario Puzo.