Thumbs up/thumbs down

Tuition increases
In this case it’s not the taxes that are too damn high. Rather, tuition has increased by about $1,400, not including similar increases in room and board. While some of the changes they intend to make with this additional revenue seem useful and needed, this extra charge is still a little hard to swallow.

Drag Ball on February 20
This is CWRU’s 12th Drag Ball—to put that in perspective, RuPaul’s Drag Race is only in its seventh season. This event, unfortunately scheduled on the same night as Snow Ball and my grandma’s birthday, promises plenty of glitter, cake and fabulous outfits, so I for one wouldn’t miss it (sorry, Gram!).

Men’s basketball losses
Baller was replaced with bawler this week when, in games against University of Chicago and Washington University in Saint Louis, early leads turned into disappointing losses. However, the team has great chances of going on to win many of its remaining games and place highly in the University Athletic Association (UAA) rankings. Plus, can you really feel that bad about losing a game to “the university where fun goes to die?” They needed it more than we do.