Thwing Tuesdays: Fueling hungry students

Weekly event offers food culture outside of campus dining

Nihal Manjila, Contributing Reporter

Every Tuesday in the Thwing Center, the University Programming Board (UPB) gives out free food to students as part of its Thwing Tuesdays series. The event, which serves food on a first-come-first-serve basis, is aimed to give students the opportunity to experience different kinds of dining options not otherwise available on campus.

As the number of restaurants and other eateries in University Circle expands, so does the food culture; this makes Thwing Tuesdays sure to please.  

Thwing Tuesdays are orchestrated by UPB, an overseeing and planning body for a number of events at Case Western Reserve University. These events range from the various concerts on campus, such as this year’s Amine and Misterwives concerts, to other on- and off-campus student events.

Members of UPB coordinate with sources on providing food, then receive and present the food in the Thwing Atrium which they serve to hungry students who eagerly line up for meals. The lines can take upwards of half an hour to reach the tables but that does not stop students from lining up from the tables to the door.

Thwing Tuesdays have been a long tradition at CWRU. The goal of the event is to bring Cleveland’s food culture to campus so that students who do not have the time to travel around the city can try new food and maybe even pick up a new favorite eatery.

This year, UPB plans to continue its tradition with a multitude of new food options. Two weeks ago, CWRU students were given Insomnia Cookies; last week, they tasted Peruvian cuisine from a local catering service. Oct. 9’s food was from the beloved local staple Happy Dog, and on Oct. 16, students will be able to enjoy their favorite Mitchell’s Ice Cream flavors. Needless to say, Thwing Tuesday’s variety of cuisine appears to be endless.  

UPB also plans to collaborate with other student organizations on Thwing Tuesdays this semester. This week, Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) partnered with UPB to promote Tomorrow’s Stars, a nonprofit organization founded by a Phi Psi alumnus that financially supports the college education of students in Ghana. The students then teach and work in the area so that more students can obtain the education they deserve.

According to second-year student Ibrahim Bazyan, a member of both Phi Kappa Psi and UPB, the fraternity is aiming to raise an upwards of $1,000 for the organization.

Phi Psi set up a message board in Thwing Center for Tuesday’s event where students who lined up for food were encouraged to write a positive message on a sticky note and post it on the board for others to read, and students who needed an uplifting message could then take a note and carry it with them throughout the day. As the event went on, the board was covered with messages and demonstrated the kindness of the CWRU student body.