TIME hosts Olympic Games

Isabel Torres-Padin, Staff Reporter

With a Chipotle gift card on the line, students flocked to the Spot last Saturday to partake in various Olympic-inspired games in honor of Greek Independence Day.

Recognized annually to mark Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire, Greek Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with grandiose parades and displays of Greek patriotism across the world. This event marks the first time TIME has held a Greek culture centered event. Along with the games, TIME brought in food from Simply Greek and information to teach students about Greek history.

TIME Public Relations Director Reggie Wimbley said, “We tied in the Olympic Games themes because we wanted to encourage some friendly competition instead of just having food and information, we wanted it to be more interactive.”

The event kicked off at 4 p.m. with three games—chubby bunny, memory and Greek mythology trivia. Originally the games were meant to be played in teams, but after the team sign-up did not go as planned, the format was rearranged to accommodate individual players. As games were being played, an assortment of Greek food was brought in by the ever popular Simply Greek including gyros, baklava and pita. To further set the theme and remind attendees of Greece’s beauty, a slideshow of photos of Greece played.

“The event went well, attendance was good and a lot of people played the games,” said Wimbley.

It was another successful event for TIME after their last event, a Valentine’s Day celebration, featuring cookies. TIME generally holds two events annually, Bollywood Night in the fall and Multicultural Mashup in the spring, and celebrates different cultures with varying events throughout the year. This means the Greek Day event may not be held again, but expect even more cultures to be explored in the future.

For the rest of this semester TIME will be putting their efforts into their signature event, the Multicultural Mashup.

“We will be holding it [Multicultural Mashup] in the Thwing Center Ballroom on April 22,” said Wimbley, referring to this year’s Mashup. “We will be inviting multiple groups to come and perform we will also have food that represent different cultures colliding. We expect it to be amazing and hope lots of people come join us to celebrate.”

Head to the Thwing Center next month to celebrate the various cultures.