Tips for incoming CWRU sports fans

Emily Young, Development Editor

Whether you are just starting at Case Western Reserve University or a returning student, taking in a game is one of the best ways to unwind and show your school spirit. Cheering on your favorite Spartan sports teams means finding the ideal place to get comfortable and watch our athletes bring home another win. 

To start the year, it’s always nice to go with the quintessential football experience: cheering on the team from the stands. Even when it rains, you can always grab an umbrella or take shelter under the press box so you can enjoy the game in comfort.

Watching from the stands is a classic choice, but CWRU likes to take things to the next level. Literally. Whether you’re looking to watch a track meet, a football game, or a soccer match, you can’t beat the view from the top of the parking garage. You will often find alumni tailgating on the roof of the Village parking garage or hanging over the edge to catch the perfect birds eye view of the game’s winning shot. If you’re not a fan of heights, you can still enjoy a CWRU tailgate in one of the courtyards adjoining the football field. The courtyards include everything you need to host your own tailgate: grills, seating and easy access to a kitchen in the Village if you live in upperclassmen housing. 

While DiSanto Field may be perfect for watching a game and tailgating, the Cleveland weather is not. Once the temperature begins to drop, the natural instinct is to stay inside curled up with a blanket and just read about the results of the game later. Luckily, there is a way for you to stay warm and still cheer on the Spartans. Wyant Athletic and Wellness Center is situated at the end of DiSanto Field with a comfy second floor lounge complete with huge windows and a balcony for those brave enough to face the cold. The lounge is the perfect place to watch the game in the kind of temperature-controlled environment that we all love.

DiSanto Field may be one of the biggest fields at CWRU, but it is hardly the only place to watch our award-winning athletes score big. Right next door to DiSanto Field you will find both the baseball and softball fields. Both are fully equipped with surprisingly comfortable stadium seating, but that isn’t your only option. If you’re just stopping by, you can pause by one of the fences and catch a great view of first or third base. Or, if you simply don’t feel like leaving your room, you can watch a live stream on the CWRU athletics website. 

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the indoor sports! Inside the Veale Convocation, Recreation and Athletic Center on the Main Quad, you can watch a basketball or volleyball game from Horsburgh Gymnasium or from the cardio room while you squeeze in a quick workout. Veale is also home to the indoor track, swimming pools and many club sports. Club sports teams will often take advantage of the field house, or the field right outside of Veale to compete against other universities.

Whether you’re watching varsity or club sports, staying inside or going out, there is a sports viewing experience for you. CWRU may be a DIII school, but what we lack in size we make up for in competitive energy. See you at the game!