Top 10 CWRU Arts and Entertainment Events of Fall 2014

Temi Omilabu, Staff Reporter

Courtesy Laurence Nozik, Gemini Photography

6. “Stop Kiss”

(Aug. 28-30)

The Players’ Theatre Group performed “Stop Kiss” from Aug. 28-30, a play about two young women, their complicated relationship and the effects of abuse on both the victim and those around the victim. The production touched on several dark, but important topics. The performance was riveting, the actors were credible and impressive, and the audience was left in awe.



Courtesy Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

7. UPB’s CWRU Carnival

(Sept. 26)

As autumn approached, UPB hosted a carnival for the entire student population to attend. Students enjoyed a petting zoo, free carnival food, a palm reader, a bouncy house, giveaways and more. This was a great way for students to step away from their crazy workloads and have some genuine fun on a Friday afternoon.



Courtesy Kappa Alpha Theta at Case Western Reserve University Facebook

8. Kappa Alpha Theta’s KATwalk

(Nov. 21)

Nov. 21 was a fun night for all of those involved with Kappa Alpha Theta’s annual KATwalk. The philanthropic fashion show made everyone laugh and cheer while supporting a great cause.



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9. Arts After Dark

(Oct. 8)

On Oct. 8, Case Music Undergraduate Student Involvement Committee (M.U.S.I.C.) hosted their annual recital, Arts After Dark. Students with a multitude of talents came out to perform, and even more students came to watch and cheer. The night showcased the true talent of CWRU’s student population.

Courtesy Bad Suns Facebook

10. UPB Spot Night with Bad Suns

(Sept. 4)

On Sept. 4, UPB brought the famous alternative band Bad Suns to Spot Night. This band is up-and-coming and has toured with big names like New Politics and recently released their debut album “Language and Perspectives” which soared to the top of the alternative charts this year. There was an impressive turnout to the engaging show.