Twenty One Pilots return from hiatus with new singles

World-famous alternative rock band Twenty One Pilots has officially resurfaced after a one year hiatus. The grueling lapse left many fans anxiously awaiting a new release. This summer, it finally arrived. The trending singles “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” debuted on July 11.

“Jumpsuit” lures listeners in with low-pitched, fast-paced guitar riffs and bopping beats by acclaimed drummer, Joshua Dun. The energetic style is quickly contrasted by Tyler Joseph’s vocals, which enter subtly and leave listeners anticipating what is to come. As many long-time fans have come to know, Twenty One Pilots often mesh two, or even three, starkly different melodies within one song. “Jumpsuit” is no exception.

Fans ate up the single, which hit No. 6 on the July 21 edition of Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs Chart. “Nico and the Niners,” claimed the No. 9 slot that week, with a steadier beat than “Jumpsuit.” Minor-key ukulele riffs give the track an eerie vibe.

“Levitate,” a spoken-word piece and the final installment in a three-part story from the upcoming album “Trench,” quickly followed the release of “Nico and the Niners.” Music videos on the band’s YouTube channel accompany each new single, giving way to a connected narrative, which the band leaked prior to the release of the songs.

A GIF on the Twenty One Pilots official website in April revealed a link that lead frenzied fans on a virtual scavenger hunt to seek out clues about the future album. The site directed users to journal entries from a character named Clancy who details his rebellious journey through the fictional Trench.

The band unveiled their newest song on Aug. 27. “My Blood” boasts an underlying funk vibe and a modern melody. Joseph voices poetic lyrics, which break the fourth-wall between him and his audience. The inviting words allow listeners to establish a personal connection with the singer.

This intimacy is nothing new for Joseph and Dun. Many return to their music time and time again for their energetic tracks and ingenious lyrics.

Along with the new music and narrative came an announcement of tour dates, beginning in October. Tickets sold out for nearly all U.S. sites within moments of going on sale. Devoted supporters now eagerly await the release of “Trench” on Oct. 5. Given the success of their new music, “Trench” will likely live up its newfound hype.