UDC plans events geared toward culture, diversity

Anna Giubileo, Staff Reporter

The Undergraduate Diversity Collective (UDC) has recently picked up its event planning efforts, working hard with a variety of groups on campus to showcase the community’s many distinct backgrounds and experiences. The umbrella organization—which oversees different student groups ranging from cultural to activist organizations—is involved with a number of events throughout the year, all of which center around diversity.

In April, UDC will host its annual World Expo. The celebration will consist of food, performances and entertainment, all of which showcase the many different cultures represented at Case Western Reserve University.

“Aside from orientation, there is really no large-scale celebration devoted to diversity on campus,” explained second-year student and UDC Vice President of Public Relations Joel Fuentes, ”but the goal of the World Expo is to do just that.”

Fourth-year student and UDC Vice President of Campus Initiatives Jered Butler agreed with Fuentes, adding, “We intend to change the fact that many students lack a sense of belonging and school pride and to increase the overall experience of our fellow underrepresented students by fostering a sense of belonging and increasing organizational transparency.”

One way in which UDC plans on making those ideas a reality is through the installation of an Identity Center. Envisioned as a hub for the many different identities on campus, it will hold offices and organizations related to identities and expressions. The center will allow for a physical manifestation of CWRU’s commitment to diversity and supporting its minority students.

Butler continued, “We also plan to improve the overall CWRU experience by increasing organizational transparency.” By “holding the different offices on campus accountable” for expanding diversity events—in addition to the events that already exist for admitted and incoming students—UDC aims to build partnerships and collaborations with even more campus organizations.

“We’d like for people to know that the can always reach out to us if there is a change they would like to see on campus,” said fourth-year student and UDC Executive President Arik Stewart. “It’s a beautiful thing, as our mission is to advocate for diversity on the behalf of all underrepresented students on campus.”