Uncomplicating student group funding

To the editor,

I would like to thank The Observer for your continuing coverage of the Student Executive Council (SEC) reform process and for offering feedback on the draft proposal presented at the March 3rd meeting in your editorial, “Let’s not further complicate student group funding.” I believe your suggestions alongside those of the SEC representatives, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) finance committee treasurers and students are instrumental in formulating a proposal that makes sense for our university.

The SEC Task Force has deliberated for nearly seven months researching, debating and drafting reforms for the Student Executive Council and for the allocation of the Student Activity Fee. The Task Force hears your and others’ concerns with the March 3 proposal and has worked to address them. Prior to the March 31 SEC meeting where a final proposal will be offered, I’d like to highlight some changes that have already been incorporated:

  • Funding blocks for functional areas are no longer being considered
  • Boards will be guaranteed a sizable percentage of their current funding
  • Additional funding unallocated to boards will be available for allocation to students, student groups and boards
  • Greater student representation through elected treasurers will be incorporated in the allocation of those additional funds

It is my hope that the changes to the proposal will help to simplify the process and allow for more student representation in how the Student Activity Fee is allocated. Additionally, the revisions to the proposal give students and student groups access to more money than is currently available through USG and Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative mass funding processes alone.

Our current system pits major organizations against each other every semester to secure funding; I believe a new system will shift the culture in SEC from confrontation to collaboration and bring stronger programs, initiatives, advocacy and partnerships to this campus.

I highly encourage all students to attend the SEC meeting on March 31 at 9 p.m. in Thwing 302. This will be an important vote and could be the first time in many years that major changes are made to how your $177 Student Activity Fee is allocated.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact me at sec-chair@case.edu.

Andrew Hodowanec
SEC Chair