UPB announces Nick Offerman as spring comedian, New York City as spring break trip destination

Tiffany Cheung, Staff Reporter

Get ready to look forward to two more University Program Board events this semester: the Spring Comedian, and the Spring Break Trip.

With spring semester off to a cold and snowy start, students look forward to the warm days ahead. Although spring break may be two months away, UPB’s spring break trip plans are already underway.

As UPB announced during Thwing Study Over, this year’s spring break trip will be to New York City. When choosing the destination for the trip, the members of UPB had to take into consideration cost, travel time and student opinions. Kya Sherman, the director of public relations for UPB, says that although UPB stayed within its normal travel limits, the trip itself will expand to become bigger and even more exciting for the students. Sherman also said that since the mode of transportation is coach buses, UPB had to greatly consider how long students would be willing to travel.

Unlike previous years, this year’s spring break trip will be extended to six days and four nights. Also, instead of only allowing 50 students to go on this trip, UPB is adding another coach bus so that 100 students will be able to attend.

Similar to how tickets for the fall break trip were sold in person, tickets for the spring break trip to New York City will be sold in person too. UPB found that this method was efficient, because students were able to stand in line with their friends and purchase the tickets together. Tickets will be sold at the Students Activities & Leadership Office on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 9:30 p.m. The prices of tickets have not yet been determined, because UPB is currently trying to lower the cost for students.

Another exciting event that students will have to look forward to is the Spring Comedian coming to campus. Annually, UPB puts on its two biggest events: the Fall Concert in the Fall Semester and the Spring Comedian in the Spring Semester. Since both of these events aim to bring big names to campus, a huge portion of UPB’s budget goes to these two events.

This year, there has been a delay in the spring comedian decision because of a few hiccups and issues, according Sherman. In addition, UPB had to take into consideration the cost and opinions of the students.

As per tradition, UPB announced the Spring Comedian on their Facebook page. This year, Nick Offerman and Retta will be coming to campus. Offerman and Retta are respectively known for their roles as Ron Swanson and Donna Meagle in the popular NBC show, “Parks and Recreation” .

Since UPB’s Facebook post on Tuesday, Jan. 15, students have already been talking about the spring comedians coming to campus.

One student, Noah Blatt, excitedly shouted, “Nick Offerman? The manliest man? I am so excited. The dude is a legend.”

Student Jared Robinson had a similar assessment.

“I think it’s an exciting opportunity for Case Western students to meet a celebrity,” Robinson said. “It will be really cool.”

With all the excitement surrounding the comedians for this event, UPB expects to fill all 1,900 seats of Severance Hall. Kya Sherman says that this event has always been a huge turnout and that she expects this year to be the same.

Tickets for the spring comedian will be on sale on Jan. 26 and will eventually be opened up to the community as well. Currently, UPB is also working with GradProCouncil and Graduate Student Senate to get discounted tickets for graduate students.

Event: Spring Comedian
Location: Severance Hall
Tickets: TBA