UPB brings country artists to Jolly

Isabel Torres-Padin, Staff Reporter

The University Program Board (UPB) has been hard at work this year bringing a revitalized energy to their signature events as they continue to make campus a bit more fun. From the big names they booked for “Trashed Out, Cashed Out” and the revamping of Spot Night into wider reaching concerts rebranded “UPBeats,” there are a multitude of on-campus events to go to.

This week they bring a completely new vibe to UPBeats with “Country Night”, where a Southern and country music centered theme will take over The Jolly Scholar. Headlining will be “Love and Theft”, a country duo based in Nashville, known for their hits, “Runaway,” and “Angel Eyes.” And before the duo hits the stage, X-Factor Season 3 favorites “Reckless Road” will perform.

In previous years, UPBeats has had a variety of hip-hop and alternative artists but UPB Director of Information Stephen Aber says the change is, “an effort to bring a larger diversity of students to our events and based on student feedback.” Country Night should be a nice change of pace for UPBeats and not only offers music, but food and fun.

The Jolly’s award winning BBQ chicken, pulled pork and tons of southern sides will be available for free, so head over to save a meal swipe or a night of cooking! If the music or food starts to get a bit boring, UPB is bringing in a mechanical bull, so hop on and see how long you can last. When asked if any of the UPB Executive Board members will ride the bull, Aber responded with a resounding “yes.”

If the sound of country music is enough to make you tear your hair out, Aber says students should expect, “EDM and a Throwback/Pop show,” for future UPBeats events. Regardless, “Country Night” promises to be a great way to spend your Friday night and to get out of the gray bleakness that is a Cleveland winter.
Head to the Jolly on Friday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. to get food and a ride on the bull or at 10 p.m. to make it in time to see “Love and Theft” perform.