USG Election Guide 2017: Ari Menon


Name: Ari Menon

Year: Second-year

Major: Economics

Running for: Vice President of Public Relations

Relevant experience: Programming Chair, Murray Hill Community Council, Residence Hall Association and Fundraising and Public Relations Chair for Nritya Dance team.


In what specific ways do you think USG could use better the Public Relations Committee?

The Public Relations committee could be better used to learn the problems that are being faced by the student body, and the issues that are concerning them.


What public relations initiatives do you plan to build on if elected?

Initiatives such as Feedback Friday, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) initiative tracker and are all incredibly helpful one with a lot of potential that need to be continued, and improved upon in terms of ensuring that a larger number of students are aware of their existence.


What do you plan on doing to make students aware of USG events and initiatives?

Communicating with other organizations and ensuring that they are involved and up to date on USG activities, as this will ensure that a larger number of students are aware of USG’s initiatives.