USG Election Guide 2018: Joey Kass


Name: Joey Kass

Year: Second-year

Major: Chemistry

Pronouns: He/him/his

Relevant Experience: Senator from previous university.  Undergraduate Student Government (USG) College of Arts and Sciences Rep.  Voting Member on Allocations Committee

Running for: Vice President of Public Relations


In what specific ways do you think USG could continue to expand the Public Relations Committee?

Internally and externally.  Both the Public Relations Committee and USG as a whole need to meaningfully connect with the student body and inform them through their democratic student government, and better promote the work, passions and efforts of our students and their organizations.


What do you specifically plan on doing to maintain and expand awareness of USG events and initiatives?

I seek to implement my COSO initiative to better improve communication between USG and organizations as well as communication between organizations.  I’m looking to prevent miscommunication while increasing co-sponsorships and building campus culture.


What new public relations initiatives do you plan to build on if elected?

I plan to build on COSO, online bills and resolutions templates, online USG Archive system and an update to USG’s physical presence and office to better accept students.