USG Election Guide 2018: Paritosh Joshi


Name: Paritosh Joshi

Year: Second-year

Major: Psychology

Pronouns: He/him/his

Relevant Experience: Served as First-year and College of Arts and Sciences representatives, co-chaired University Food Committee and worked on Student Life and Diversity and Inclusion Committees

Running for: Vice President of Student Life


What is your top priority in this role?

To equip, strengthen and represent my constituents.


What is one initiative that you want to complete in your first semester?

Expanding the number of SafeRide vehicles by working with Executive Director, Public Safety Frank Demes and the Division of Public Safety to ensure more efficient transportation.


A large part of what the VP of Diversity & Inclusion does was once part of this position. What specific new areas do you plan to expand this position to?

I plan on expanding this position to form several sub-committees within the larger committee and to create new committees to address concerns. For example, problems facing international students have existed for quite some time, and, in addition to pursuing my initiative related to the issue, I will make a committee for representatives to tackle these issues. Secondly, I plan on making a Student Conduct Policy review committee to look at the Student Conduct Policy since there is not one at the moment. The goal would be to make the organization and structure easier so people could join and get working.


How will you work with the President of USG and the VP of Diversity & Inclusion to respond to student needs?

My goal is to fix divides in the culture that exist between underrepresented and majority groups on campus. I will look to first compile data on the student body at the beginning of the following year to see the makeup of the population at Case Western Reserve University, and then work with the vice presidents of Public Relations and Diversity and Inclusion to obtain responses from Moreover, I plan on introducing myself to the student body early on next semester so they know me and are able to reach out to me easily.


What are your plans to make CWRU a safer campus?

I plan on increasing the number of SafeRide vehicles, and partnering with Lyft to allow greater transportation opportunities later at night, as well as form a sub-committee on Safety and Security within my larger plan of reforming the committee.


What initiatives do you have in mind for the dining halls?

As co-chair of the University Food Committee, my intention is to continue working with Bon Appetit and Auxiliary Services to expand options for students with dietary restrictions. Currently, I am working to get more desserts for gluten-free and vegan students and create more breakfast options such as allowing waffles on weekdays.