USG Election Guide 2018: Parv Sud


Name: Parv Sud

Year: Second-year

Major: Chemical engineering

Pronouns: He/him/his

Relevant Experience: Elected to Student Government in High School, Elected to Residence Hall Association (RHA) as President of the Cedar Community Council, Elected to Undergraduate Student Government (USG) as Case School of Engineering (CSE) Representative

Running for: Vice President of Public Relations


In what specific ways do you think USG could continue to expand the Public Relations Committee?

I think that the Public Relations Committee needs to be more involved with all the other committees within Undergraduate Student Government (USG). I would restructure the USG Public Relations Committee to have representatives acting as liaisons to other committees to help foster better communication. This would allow me to better represent the initiatives that USG is working on to the student body as a whole.


What do you specifically plan on doing to maintain and expand awareness of USG events and initiatives?

I plan to approach raising awareness with a holistic view. I would ensure that we exhaust all possible options when raising awareness to ensure that as many students as possible are informed and have the opportunity to voice their views. I would do this by utilizing social media and working with their algorithms, having a weekly column or a letter to the editor in the Observer, being proactive at student focused events, and ensuring that events and initiatives are aligned with the interests of the student body.


What new public relations initiatives do you plan to build on if elected?

I plan on working with the Secretary to create a publicly accessible Google folder, USG Public Access (USG – PA), to ensure that every USG-related document is well organized and easily accessible to the student body. I would also work on the Initiative Tracker with the Director of IT to ensure that it is easy for representatives to update, and for the student body to access.