USG Election Guide 2018: Sydney Davis


Name: Sydney Davis

Year: Third-year

Major: Mechanical engineering

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Relevant Experience: Representative on Finance Committee, Treasurer, AC Chair

Running for: Vice President of Finance


What are your specific plans for this position?

If elected, my primary initiative as vice president of Finance would be to create a “Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Finance Advocate” to represent each student organization. Finance representatives would be tasked with getting a better understanding of each student organization’s needs and values. By doing this, we can take the mindset of each student group into account when making funding decisions and changes to committee processes. I hope this effort will help to improve the relationship between USG and its student organizations.


What areas of student groups at CWRU would you consider to be a priority in terms of funding?

I believe that each of the student groups we recognize are a priority because they all fill a unique niche on our campus. We should be funding the events and purchases that are a priority for student organizations because they clearly link to the purpose and the values of the organization. By better understanding what an organization stands for, I believe we can fund more quality events than we have by relying merely on past precedent.


How will you work with student groups beyond just finance related issues?

I hope to collaborate more with student groups on USG’s advocacy work in order to integrate the currently siphoned advocacy and finance realms of USG. I would love to use our own student leaders as a sounding board for USG initiatives and as a source for identifying student concerns. With that in mind, I intend to implement a rigor within the USG Finance Committee that addresses and resolves the issues that are identified through these conversations. This will ensure that the finance committee is taking actionable steps towards better relationships, more resources and more reliable funding processes for student groups.