USG Election Guide 2018: Tim O’Shea


Name: Tim O’Shea
Year: Second-year
Major: Political science
Pronouns: He/him/his
Relevant Experience: Two years in Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and on the Finance Committee: Secretary and Treasurer, Voting Member and Treasurer of the SEC Allocations Committee
Running for: Vice President of Finance


What are your specific plans for this position?

I plan on taking on several initiatives as the Vice President of Finance. I will work closely with the administration to decrease miscommunication which is the most common cause of delayed reimbursements. I will collect and analyze data on the funding of each organization’s budget in order to better create solutions that increase and more efficiently allocate funding to our organizations. I will increase the transparency of our funding processes by working with the committee secretary to provide more detailed notes on why each and every decision is made, and I will increase the transparency of reimbursements by working alongside the new student engagement platform to build a reimbursement tracking system, similar to the new Undergraduate Student Government (USG) initiative tracker.


What areas of student groups at CWRU would you consider to be a priority in terms of funding?

Any organization that reaches a wide breadth of students or impacts a selective few students in a meaningful way will be a top priority for me. I believe that every club, from the smallest to the very largest, all deserve equitable opportunities to succeed if USG decides to recognize them, and so I will work to ensure that our guidelines and precedents are inclusive of every organization we recognize, no matter its shape or size.


How will you work with student groups beyond just finance related issues?

Not only do I plan on being a point of contact for student org leaders to inquire about funding, but additionally I want to serve as a representative of the student body. I will advocate for everything from minute student concerns about the non-financial resources we offer to pushing USG to become a more political entity that has a greater consideration of our surrounding communities off campus and of how our institution should interact with state, federal and international issues.