USG Election Guide 2017: Parv Sud


Name: Parv Sud

Year: First-year

Major: Chemical Engineering

Running for: Chief Judicial Officer

Relevant experience: High School Student Government – Community Service Coordinator; Case Western Reserve University – President of The Cedar Community Council (RHA); CWRU – Author of Spartan Bhangra’s Constitution.


What are your plans for this position?

Ensure that the student body has better access to the important documents that Undergraduate Student Government (USG) uses to operate.


What are your plans for enforcing USG bylaws?

Ensure that every representative is fully informed of their rights and the powers that the bylaws give them. Aside from this, I hope to make legislation more efficient and effective as I believe that USG has a very slow turnaround period for their proposed plans and ideas.


What bylaws, if any, do you think need changing?

Requirements to hold certain positions and the structure of representation is something that needs to change. USG has a heavy concentration of First-Year Representatives as well as college specific one, which can be a good thing, but it seems to be poorly structured in terms of representation.