USG mass funding applications due Nov. 22

Miriam Ridge, Staff Reporter

The deadline for submitting budgets to the Undergraduate Student Government is fast approaching.

Students that are registered with OrgSync and recognized by USG have until 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 22 to create and submit a budget for mass funding for the spring 2015 semester to USG’s OrgSync page.

The USG finance committee, one of the organization’s five committees, has a mass funding system that distributes available funds to all registered groups that submit a budget for the next semester to the committee for review.

“The easiest way to fairly allocate money is to allocate it out a semester ahead of time,” said Chippy Kennedy, the USG vice president of finance. “With mass funding, every group’s budget is valued fairly at the same time. It prevents inequality.”

There are currently 196 recognized student groups, with four more pending. In past years, between 75 and 95 percent of these groups have applied for mass funding.

“My goal this year is to have 100 percent of registered groups apply,” said Kennedy.

In an attempt to raise this percentage, USG launched a public relations campaign, offering workshops and putting instructions on how to apply on their OrgSync page. In response to complaints that the process was too complicated in years past, they also made the application process completely digital through OrgSync.

Recognized USG organizations are allocated between three and five events each semester. Funding for these events can cover things such as hotels, registration feeds, food, space reservations and more. The finance committee will judge on an event-by-event basis, making sure each follows their funding guidelines.

Results of mass funding will be posted on Nov. 23. Student groups who are unhappy with the results can file an appeal before Dec. 1, and then present their reasoning before the finance committee to try to get more funding.