USG opens applications for Student Life Improvement Grants

Julia Bianco, News Editor

The Undergraduate Student Government is opening up applications for Student Life Improvement Grants (SLIGs). The SLIGs are given to members of the CWRU community who have a project that they believe will provide long-term benefits to the student body.

The SLIGs come from rollover money from last semester, due to the conservative policies of last year’s finance team. Grants have also been awarded in past semesters where there was a similar financial situation.

“It’s better to spend your rollover on projects when you can, as opposed to holding on to it,” said Chippy Kennedy, the USG Vice President of Finance.

Previous SLIGs were awarded for a number of projects, the most successful being the Case Footlighters’ Sound and Lighting Equipment Borrowing System (SLEBS) program. The SLEBS program lends out the musical theater group’s sound equipment to other student groups, free of charge.

“The grant was really in the spirit of the entire thing because the SLEBS program is free for students to use, and it is a huge benefit to Footlighters,” said Kennedy. “All of the grants are in that vein, where USG is willing to front the money for the grants if they will provide long-term improvements for students.”

USG will accept rolling applications for the grants until Dec. 1. The only requirement is that the project be completed by the end of this school year. Grant proposals will be reviewed and voted on by the USG Executive Committee.