USG pursues broader communication with student body

As the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) continues to tackle on-campus initiatives, one of their primary areas of focus will be fostering a stronger presence among the student body. These initiatives include more feedback events, and potentially the establishment of office hours with USG representatives around campus.   

“We want to know how we can best serve the undergraduate population,” third-year USG Speaker Jacob Sandstrom said.

USG is working to increase its interaction with undergraduates, promoting the message that their purpose is to enhance students’ college experiences. USG’s main goal is to put “Students First,” welcoming input from students.

Undergraduate students who have concerns can contact USG members through multiple vehicles, including emailing representatives, meeting inside the USG office in Tinkham Veale University Center or visiting This website provides a platform to submit ideas anonymously, where students are at liberty to provide insight into areas that need improvement with regards to campus life. Additionally, there is a feedback box available outside of the USG office. Students can drop suggestions, comments or concerns in the box to help USG determine where they should direct their attention.

“We might host a feedback event,” USG Student Body President Ivy Petsinger said. “I think we should branch out of our offices more, and possibly have tables set up in places around campus. I do think in-person interaction is more efficient.”

Students who wish to track the progress of initiatives that are relevant to their concerns can consult the Initiative Tracker, which can be found on the USG website. The tracker provides brief insight into the status of ongoing projects.

“We want to hear feedback, and we want to hear what you want us to be doing,” Petsinger said. “We are your USG. We are here to voice your concerns.”