Vending machines to re-offer Twinkies soon


photo credit Arianna Wage / Observer

Several vending machines around campus are proudly announcing the return of the iconic, spongy yellow cake.

Gabrielle Buffington, Staff Reporter

Twinkies returned during the era of comebacks.

Not only did Twinkies once again pop up on shelves last year, but the iconic, squishy yellow treat will creep back into campus vending machines soon.

Those counting calories probably won’t be exhilarated by this change and the temptation that comes with the calorie and fat-filled cake, begging the question: Is the change at odds with Case Western Reserve University’s initiatives to help students eat better?

One of the most recently adopted ideas by CWRU, the healthy dining initiative, stems from the Bon Appetit Management Company receiving student feedback from dining hall cork boards. The students wanted healthier alternatives (or just more alternatives in general), and CWRU reacted by becoming one of the few universities in the country to adopt the Well-Being Indicator—an easy-to-read nutrition label for dishes served in the dining halls—as well as generally healthier dishes.

Dining systems worked to remind students of a snack’s nutritional information and offer healthier foods, including those in vending machines all over campus, which are managed by a separate company, AVI Foodsystems. AVI Foodsystems has come up with its own way of informing the student body about what they are eating by using nutriSOURCE labels.

Snacks that are healthier than others are shelved behind a green spiral instead of a normal black one. Still, the amount of green in our vending machines is pretty sparse.

Representatives from AVI Foodsystems were unavailable for comment.

The two initiatives (and food companies) have not formally affiliated these techniques with one another, so it is reasonable to understand why one spot would have more options than another.

The re-introduction of Twinkies should be something that will get students’ attention.

If not, the flyers placed inside various vending machines are sure to do the job. But will this eventually interfere with the healthy dining initiative? Only time will tell.

For now, it seems like the legendary snack will be one of the more highly-favored options among CWRU students.