Village students evacuated after report of suspicious package

Julia Bianco, News Editor

Students in House 3A, House 4 and House 5 of the Village at 115 were forced to evacuate in the early morning on Tuesday after a suspicious package was reported by a security officer. The package, which was found outside Starbucks, was ultimately deemed inert, and the police ruled that the package did not contain an explosive device.

Around 6 a.m., a security alert was sent explaining that the campus police and the Cleveland Police Department were collaborating to systematically search the area, “in the interest of safety.” According to Sergeant Jeffrey Daberko, the Cleveland Bomb Squad was also called to inspect the package.

“Evacuation was a precautionary measure,” said Daberko. He added that the police are still investigating what the package was and how it got there.

“I didn’t think much of it at first,” said Sean Moroney, a resident of House 4, who was evacuated for about an hour and a half early Tuesday morning. According to Moroney, many students were unaware of what was going on aside from what they were told in the security emails.

Students were evacuated using the buildings’ fire alarms, and then waited on the football field before being moved to the area outside of Leutner Commons. They were allowed to return to the buildings after police gave the all clear.