What it’s like to be insulted by Nick Offerman in front of the whole school

True life: Nick Offerman called me out on stage in front of the entire school. He mispronounced my last name, questioned my integrity and insulted my grammar. And it was awesome.

In my long (two-year) career as a journalist, I’ve faced lots of criticism. A comment on a “The Voice” recap that I wrote for an entertainment news website said that I was the reason the Muslims hate America. Yik Yak is frequently the host of Observer hate, with people questioning our fact-checking abilities, our journalistic integrity and our right to free speech in the last week alone. And, in the best insult I’ve had of them all, comedian Hannibal Buress called me boring.

The degree of hurt associated with all these insults varied. The comment on my “The Voice” article was virtually painless, even humorous really. The Yik Yak comments hurt more. We work hard to put together a paper every week, and yes, sometimes things slip through the cracks, but I like to think we do a good job. Burress’ comment didn’t hurt at all. It was like Regina George punched me in the face—awesome.

Offerman calling me out felt like a mix of those last two. Yes, it sucked that my writing ability was questioned on stage in front of thousands of people, but it was questioned by Nick Offerman, so who the hell cares? Typos happen. Ron Swanson reading my article out loud on stage? That doesn’t happen.

So sure, I wish we had proofread a little better, but even then it was totally worth it.