What to do before leaving CWRU

A comprehensive guide for the senior who, against his or her better judgment, must graduate

“So,” every mother, father, sibling, extended family member, professor, friend, mentor, advisor, acquaintance and small talker begins, “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

This time of year, that’s a common question for seniors. A lucky few already have jobs lined up, while others are waiting to hear back from graduate and professional schools. Many more still have no idea. Planning a life after college is a very real, very daunting task that every soon-to-be alumnus juggles alongside completing the necessary school work or avoids at all costs.

But this is not the time for quarter life crises. This is not the time to stare blindly into the post-graduation abyss full of responsibilities and scheduled student loan payments. This is not even the time to frantically apply for every appealing job to avoid destitution (though starting on that isn’t a bad idea).

Each graduating senior has 107 days left to explore, discover and enjoy all that Case Western Reserve University has to offer. For many, this will even be their last extended stay in Cleveland, Ohio. We wanted to help you on your journey in creating some of your last memories here. Many of these things could have easily happened to you in the past:

1. Utilize CWRU’s Student Free Access program.

2. Get lost on your way to a friend’s house.

3. Grab a copy of the New York Times every day and read it. This is the only time in your life that you won’t have to pay for a subscription. Although we don’t get the Sunday Times, you’ll still be in-the-know on every other day.

4. Visit the contraceptive museum. This fascinating place resides in the top floor of the Allen Memorial Library, where the Ford Auditorium resides. Take 30 minutes out of your day on your way to the quad and explore the variety of ways people have tried to avoid parenthood.

5. Chase a Greenie.

6. Go to the West Side Market.

7. See a movie by Film Society.

8. See a movie at the Cinematheque.

9. Climb onto academic buildings’ roofs.

10. Spend an afternoon on Guilford House’s porch.

11. Go to a uISA show.

12. Attend one of the many sorority or fraternity philanthropy events.

13. Do a Saturday of Service.

14. Go to Spot Night.

15. Run the Hudson Relay.

16. Go to Springfest.

17. Eat at a Michael Simon restaurant.

18. Go to a concert at the Beachland Ballroom, Grog Shop, Happy Dog… Just go to a Cleveland concert. There are far too many local venues to count.

19. See a jazz legend at Nighttown.

20. Drive to Taco Bell on Euclid Avenue after a night of raging. Designated driver required.

21. Go to Hessler Street Fair.

22. Go to a local art gallery. There are a few in Little Italy.

23. Beer drinkers: Go to as many local breweries as possible.

24. Go to a Cedar Lee Theatre showing of “The Room.”

25. Spend a day (or five) at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

26. Go to a Lake Erie beach.

27. Indulge in as much Cleveland ice cream as humanly possible.

28. Pull a random book from Kelvin Smith Library’s shelves and read it. There are a ton of things you can find.

29. Get drunk at the Jolly Scholar.

30. Go to a Cleveland sports game. Who cares which one? CLEpride.

31. See the CWRU spelling in the statue outside of Thwing. What, you haven’t heard that myth? Apparently when the sunlight hits the wonky, twisty turvy statue between Mather House and Thwing Center at just the right angle, its shadow spells out “CWRU.” This is an unconfirmed myth.

32. Go to an Improvment show.

33. Go to the midnight Footlighters’ show.

34. Spend a night on West 6th Street. Chocolate Bar is a necessary part of this list.

35. Go to a CWRU sporting event.

36. See a Cleveland Playhouse performance.

37. See an Eldred Theatre performance. Your theater major friends are actually extremely talented. Support them by going to Eldred Theatre for one of their shows.

38. Eat at every restaurant between Cornell Rd. and East 118th Street.

39. Eat at every restaurant in Coventry.

40. Ride the toboggan chutes at the Cleveland Metroparks. Because it’s tobogganing season!

41. Take a Lolly the Trolley tour.

42. Visit every floor of Peter B. Lewis Building. Not only should you ride all three elevators (that go to different floors), but also look for the art gallery of staircases.

43. Pull a Rocky Balboa on the Wet/Dry Fountain. Climb those stairs like the champion you are.

44. Climb the ninja stairs.

45. Frolick on the jungle gym in Little Italy.

46. Go to trivia night at a bar every night of the week.

47. Ride the Healthline.

48. Dance for 12 hours at Dance Marathon.

49. Finish your SAGES portfolio.

50. Submit an article to The Observer. We may or may not publish it, but at least you can say you tried.