Where to find the best places to eat around CWRU


Courtesy of Hell's Fried Chicken

Take a break from campus dining and explore the diverse cuisine that surrounds CWRU

Christie Lanfear, Staff Writer

Despite the ease of grabbing lunch or dinner at one of the many dining options on campus—Leutner, Fribley, The Jolly Scholar, The Den, Tink, etc.—the novelty of these restaurants soon wears off and the prospect of venturing out onto Euclid Ave, toward the surrounding restaurants, begins to look very enticing. However, as students, we all have limited budgets, so spending money wisely is crucial. But what restaurants are worthy of receiving your off campus dinner money for the week? How do you know you’re not going to waste it on mediocrity? 

Well, this article is your guide to the do’s and don’ts of nearby off-campus food options. As a food lover, I can assure you that I will provide you with a plethora of tasty and affordable options, varying from Asian cuisine to American dinner options to late night spots for desert. Whatever the occasion, I am confident this list will have at least one perfect place for you. 

An obvious starting place is the many locations in Uptown, on Euclid. Just a short walking distance from both the North and South Residential Villages, this hub contains a majority of the restaurants that I rate highly. Of course, Little Italy will also be featured—it is, after all, the heart of authentic Italian cuisine in the area. Now, on to the list, the moment I hope you’ve been waiting for:

Otani Noodle – Whether you’re looking for a social place to sit down and have a delicious meal or a place to get take out so you can eat in KSL while doing your homework, this little place located opposite Plum Market is a hidden gem. Specializing in ramen, they have a wide range of delicious and affordable bowls with a variety of different meat options. Definitely add this to your list of places to visit.

Indian Flame – Small and intimate, this is the place for anyone on the search for good Indian cuisine that is accompanied by friendly staff. Indian Flame quickly became a favorite location of my parents and I—I’m sure you’ll join the fan club once you try it. 

Hell’s Fried Chicken – If fried chicken is up your alley, this is the place for you. They keep their menu simple—variations of fried chicken accompanied by amazing sauces. Simple and perfect. 

Tacologist – I’m calling all lovers of Mexican food to try this place. With beautiful outdoor seating for the warmer months and wonderfully unique indoor decor, Tacologist belongs on the “must” list for restaurants to try. As if it couldn’t get better, it is also very affordable for us students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Maxi’s Bistro – There is little doubt that this is one of the best restaurants in Little Italy. Its impeccable staff and romantic atmosphere create the perfect location for a night off-campus. From Alfredo to pizza, it is heaven on Earth. 

The Coffee House – A weekend necessity, this gorgeous coffee place is the closest to northside out of all the places on this list—directly across from the Juniper dorms. They serve arguably the best coffee and breakfast treats. You can even do homework there at one of their spacious tables inside. My friends and I go here every weekend and it really should be a part of everyone’s routine.

Presti’s Bakery – Located just a short walk off campus in Little Italy, Presti’s Bakery is one of the best breakfast locations. They have such a wide range of breakfast food, from savory to sweet, that anyone and everyone can find something they love. 

Kenko Sushi & Teriyaki – As a reward after a long day of studying, Kenko is the best place nearby for sushi or boba, my personal favorite. With their quick turnaround time, they are perfect for grabbing a bite to bring back home. 

Euro Wafel Bar – I saved the best until last. These words should be the only ones you need to be convinced to visit—waffles, crepes, fruit, ice cream and caramel sauce. Oh, and they are open until 1 a.m. most school nights. To top it off, they serve tea free of charge while you wait. 

Well, I better stop myself here because I could go on for a while about some of these places. I hope that you are inspired to make time in your busy schedule to go and try at least one of these amazing locations near campus. I promise it will most definitely be worth it.