Who are the Springfest headliners?


University Program Board’s Springfest poster

Chris Heermann, Social Media Editor

Much like Butch Cassidy, my first thought when the Springfest committee released the headliners to this year’s concert was, “Who are those guys?”

Coast Modern? Echosmith? MadeinTYO? As someone who rarely listens to the indie pop genre, I was lost. So naturally I opened up Spotify and searched up Echosmith. Then, after seeing their large library of singles and albums, decided I would listen to Kanye on my run and check out Echosmith another time.

When I finally worked up the courage to listen, I felt like Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. I, of course, recognized their hit “Cool Kids” from its radio popularity, and “Bright” from a friend’s study playlist.

But there was so much more to discover. Their recent single, “Favorite Sound,” was added to my running playlist before the song was even over on my first listen. The hook in “Over my Head” is especially catchy due to its singable lyrics and tuneful melody.

As I journeyed further into their discography, shuffling through various singles and their debut album, I began to have a feeling of deja vu. Many of their songs sound similar, and blend into one another. A song I thought was just really long turned out to be two different songs played after one another that just happened to have similar melodies.

Exploring Coast Modern was a different experience. Each song gives off a unique vibe, while still having a similar sound to the previous. “Dive” is the kind of song that makes you relax with a smile on your face. Other songs, like “The Way It Was,” command you to nod along to the beat while listening.

I am most excited for Coast Modern this Springfest. Their music matches the vibe of a warm, sunny spring day perfectly. Hopefully, the majority of the crowd knows their music because the only thing that is sure to ruin a fun concert is a disinterested audience.

The final headliner for Springfest is MadeinTYO. Again, I had not heard his music before but quickly fell in love. His most popular song on Spotify with over 170 million streams is “Uber Everywhere,” but my favorite with 73 million streams is “Ned Flanders” featuring A$AP Ferg, who performed on campus in fall 2017.

Similar to Coast Modern, MadeinTYO has a very positive energy that he skillfully conveys through his music. His music may not be for everyone, due to his vulgar language and subject matter. But considering the overwhelming enthusiasm the student body had for Amine, I expect that he will be welcomed with open arms into the Case Western Reserve University community.

That is not to equate Amine to MadeinTYO however, as the two exist in different circles within the hip-hop genre. MadeinTYO is closer to trap and mumble rap than the pop/hip-hop that Amine specializes in.

I expect his setlist will consist of songs mostly from his most recent album, “Sincerely, Tokyo.” He will of course play the songs that put him and Amine, on XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class. Songs such as “I Want” and “Skateboard P,” both of which are sure to hype up the crowd.

This Springfest is sure to be exceptional. While the headliners may not be known to every student, their music has a general appeal that will brighten the day of attending CWRU students before finals week puts an end to their joy.

Until then, give each of the artists a listen while walking to and from class. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite band and you can scream along when they rock Freiberger Field on Saturday, April 27.