EGSA to host first Murder Mystery Gala

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

During the Academy Awards, viewers usually don’t question why the carpet is red.

However, there may be reasons to wonder about this potential detail at the English Graduate Student Association’s (EGSA) first annual Murder Mystery Gala. On Oct. 12, students and community members alike will be welcomed to Case Western’s Alumni House for a night of sophisticated mystery-solving.

“The premise for the murder mystery is an Oscars after-party. Everyone who attends will be assigned a role, and you come to the event dressed and prepared to play that character,” explained Monica Orlando, the president of EGSA. “You will interact with others to figure out who the murderer is.”

Each attendee will receive an invitation packet before the event which explains details about the character they will play. Upon arrival, ticketholders then receive two envelopes that hold information to explain more about their character, facts they must find out and cash tokens used to find clues.

“Everyone will have a chance to have their picture taken on the red carpet, to enjoy food and drink and to socialize and be entertained in the glamorous setting of the historic CWRU Alumni House,” said Orlando.
Ticketholders receive one free drink and choice of a plethora of hors d’oeuvres. Fresh popcorn will also be available, and movies will be screened in the background.

However, the main point of this event seems to be the chance to get out and socialize.

“Too often we students get so caught up in our work and small communities,” said Jess Slentz, EGSA recruiting chairman. “We wanted this to be a way to bring people from different departments together for an awesome experience.”

Claire McBroom, the events chair for EGSA, agrees. “As students, it can be hard to break out of our social routines and our campus centers to meet people from other programs and beyond. This will be a fun way to encourage people to have fun together and raise money for a good cause, too!” said McBroom.

Ticket money will be used to pay off the event and to fund other programs put on by EGSA. The tickets cost $30 each and there are only 100 available for sale.

While the price is a little steep for a CWRU event, it is unlike any other event on campus in that it is very elaborate and allows everyone to participate.

The mystery written for the event was ordered from a website that creates custom-made situations for different events. Slentz said, “This particular mystery is written by a company called Night of Mystery, whose mysteries I have personally participated in before and they are so detailed and fun.”

The Murder Mystery Gala is the first event of its kind to be created by EGSA. The organization hopes for this year’s successes to carry it into future years. “The EGSA would like the Murder Mystery event to be an anticipated yearly tradition,” said McBroom. “We want the community to count down to it every year.”

Doubling as a way to advertise EGSA, the Murder Mystery Gala serves multiple purposes, but the organization’s top goal is for the event to be fun and something people can really get into. Costumes are highly encouraged, and some characters’ outfits are outlined in the information attendees receive before the event.

I’m an avid awards show-watcher and I’m not ashamed to say I’m excited to live out my red carpet fantasies,” said McBroom. “Add in a great venue, food, prizes and a murder, and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a more glamorous event on campus.”

“[It’s] great when we reach people beyond the English department and encourage socializing and sharing of ideas across disciplines and programs,” added Orlando.

The event runs from 7-10 p.m. on Oct. 12. Tickets can be purchased through EGSA’s website.