Work smarter, not harder: best campus study spots

Kelvin Smith Library

The Kelvin Smith Library is, of course, the quintessential campus study spot. But despite the obvious reasons, it reigns supreme in terms of study space. With little chance of being disturbed and plenty of cubicles, especially in the reading rooms and squirreled away in the stacks on the upper floors, KSL is a stellar place to settle in with your homework and a cup of coffee from the Cramelot Cafe. Wall and floor outlets ensure power is always in reach, and the wide array of available spaces ensures you will forge a long list of favorite study nooks.


Biomedical Research Building

Known to many students as the “building with the clock tower,” the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) offers a nearby escape from the Main Quad. Across the street from the Kent Hale Smith Building, the BRB provides ample seating and power outlets, a Bon Appetit-operated Starbucks and a Bon-Appetit-operated cafeteria. The BRB Cafe has a fantastic salad bar, making it a great spot to grab lunch and sit behind your laptop screen. The BRB also is attached to University Hospitals Case Medical Center, which provides a convenient shortcut to Euclid Avenue, especially on days when the weather is not cooperating.


Peter B. Lewis Building

Feeling the grind after your favorite economics class lets out? The building that became famous on your campus tour for not having any right angles is without a doubt one of the best places for business majors and non-business majors alike to crash and study. The Peter B. Lewis Building (PBL) has arguably more corners and coves to hide from your homework and watch Netflix than anywhere else on campus.

PBL also has study rooms on all five floors that are perfect for group meetings and study sessions with classmates. And, if you are studying on a Tuesday morning, there is free coffee in the lobby from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.


Sears Library & Nord Hall

Though heavily populated during peak hours, Sears Library and Nord Hall offer the perfect spots for a couple quick winks of sleep or catching up on last minute test prep. Along with a wide assortment of tables, chairs and couches on both the lower and upper floors, the Nord Hall computer lab (run by the Engineering department) offers 24/7 access to computers, as well as free printing.


Panera Bread

Frequented by University Hospitals’ employees and Case Western Reserve students, the Panera Bread location in Uptown offers many spots to settle down with a bagel and laptop. In particular, the sparsely populated upper floor has clean tables and easy access to a drink refill station and restroom, which are the dynamic duo of study necessities.