Yule Ball: A magical night at the wizarding world of CWRU


Leah Trznadel

Yule Ball is an annual event on campus hosted by CWRUcio—the campus Quidditch team.

Case Western Reserve University was changed from a school of muggles to a school of wizards for one magical night. The wizarding world of Harry Potter was transported to CWRU thanks to our very own CWRUcio. On Saturday, Feb. 3, the Yule Ball graced the Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC) ballrooms for a night of food, dancing and great music.

Wizard culture was alive and present. The colors of the houses were scattered throughout with the flags of the four houses hanging for all to see. There were cakes and desserts all keeping within theme, such as house-colored cakes, tarts and pumpkin pasties. Attendees danced the night away to songs, and there was a photobooth and a quest to make all feel like a wizard themselves.

Planning of the event, with all the food, decorations and entertainment did not take long for the groups either.

“Planning varies from year to year with the previous Yule Ball chairs keeping records to help future planning committees with their process,” said Natalie Bick, president of CWRUcio and one of the Yule Ball planners.

They start in October all with the goal in mind of planning an event to celebrate the CWRU community and their love of Harry Potter all while supporting the team.

The attendees loved the decorations and ambiance created in TVUC. Jordyn Harberts, a first-year student, talked about how much she loved the floating candles decoration, “It made the room feel a little more like Hogwarts and I loved it.”

“The food was really delicious and it’s really nice to get to dance with my friends,” said first-year student Yvonne Pan. “Everyone there all had just a giant dance party and we all had a great time.”

Bick said, “I loved getting to throw on a pretty dress and dance around because CWRU is so serious all the time.”

The dance provided an opportunity to unwind and relax in a community of people for many students.