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Editorial: New shuttle tracking app TransLoc Rider is a welcome upgrade

November 2, 2017

Say good-bye to NextBus and hello to TransLoc Rider, the new shuttle tracking app for campus and the local area. The editorial board believes the switch is an upgrade in every way. TransLoc Rider is more accurate, user-friendly and consistent than NextBus. Every member of the Case Western Reser...

Editorial: Lack of campus identity makes it harder to find

October 13, 2017

The Commission for the Undergraduate Experience (CUE) is on a mission to better all aspects of student life on campus. On Sept. 29, the CUE released its Preliminary Recommendations on “Enhancing the Undergraduate Experience”, and it was emailed to the student body on Oct. 3. The report is struct...

Editorial: Transparency is the key to better security

October 6, 2017

The Annual Security Report was released last week. The report is worth checking out; within it are crime statistics from last year, as well as a comparison to prior years. While the various departments and offices involved in security have made some important strides in communication, we think there is s...

Editorial: Strategic plan can succeed through collaboration

September 29, 2017

The three-year Strategic Plan released by the Division of Student Affairs is certainly not lacking in ambition. The plan, which is much more detailed than its 2014 predecessor, is filled with strategies toward three main outcomes: Unity, Wellness and Preparedness. It sets out to accomplish these goals with a...

Editorial: COC election jokes went too far

September 22, 2017

Recently, Class Officer Collective presidential candidate Connor Zhu posted on several CWRU Facebook pages, including a meme group, about his suspicions that the COC elections had been hacked. (Check out our news story covering the allegations and their aftermath). Some students’ reactions to the ha...

Editorial: Changes to Commuter Lounge first step in inclusivity

September 15, 2017

It might be a relatively small, hidden space, but the recently renovated Commuter Lounge is a big deal for many students. The lounge was refurbished with new armchairs and ottomans and is located in the west basement of Thwing Center. Its other amenities include two study rooms, a kitchenette, a ...

Editorial: Keep the diversity, inclusivity evolution going on campus

September 8, 2017

We’ve seen significant strides in the past few years toward a more diverse and inclusive campus. Initiatives such as Diversity 360, the Menstrual Health Task Force and the creation of the Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative (UDC) are all noteworthy steps in the right direction. Recently, Case W...

Editorial: Keep the discussion alive

August 25, 2017

To all first-years and other newly enrolled students: welcome to our campus and the Case Western Reserve University community. And to returning students, welcome back. For those living on campus, don’t worry—it will soon start feeling like home. One of the best parts of attending CWRU is living in ...

Editorial: Semester grades

April 28, 2017

Student Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion: A Various organizations around campus came together to further support diversity and inclusion. This past winter, the Residence Hall Association launched their Winter Clothing Rental program to help students stay warm with money budgeted for the next ...

Moran: CWRU needs to take student safety seriously

Taylor Moran, Executive Editor

April 21, 2017

This past Sunday, April 16, what many believed was an immediate danger to the campus, fortunately turned out inconsequential to the campus. What isn’t so easily forgotten are the couple hours over which Case Western Reserve University did not inform its campus community of what we now know was nothing...

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