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Stephanie Kim/Observer

Stephanie Kim/Observer

Maria Fazal, Staff Reporter

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The Case Western Reserve University community is known for thinking beyond the possible. Each week, this column aims to capture a slice of campus life.

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about you?
A: I’m really into board games and “Lord of the Rings.” My dad was really into Tolkien, and he passed that down to me.

Q: Do you think there are some lessons from “Lord of the Rings” that you’ve applied to your life?
A: One of the big messages in “Lord of the Rings” is just letting go and being at peace, and I’ve applied that to different parts of my life. It’s helpful for relationships, because you don’t hold grudges and you don’t stay angry. You just let it go.

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Maria Fazal, Copy Editor
Maria Fazal is a senior majoring in psychology and bioethics. She is the Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Observer. Hailing from a small Ohioan town called North Lima—no relation to Lima or “Glee”—she hopes to one day work as a child psychiatrist.  In her free time, she enjoys drawing, kickboxing, eating Nutella and watching...
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