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Gravy train stops at the House of Blues

Christopher Heermann, Social Media Editor

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Last Tuesday night brought Yung Gravy to Cleveland’s House of Blues. The Minnesota-born rapper came as part of his “Experience the Sensation” tour with musical artist bbno$ and Tiiiiiiiiiip.

The venue was a good fit for the sizable crowd—there was enough space to breathe, but it was tight enough to get the full concert experience. What made House of Blues stand out from other venues was when they passed out water to the crowd of over 1,000 people mid-show after the openers SavageRealm and bbno$ were finished hyping up the masses. This short break to rehydrate further excited the audience for Yung Gravy’s arrival.

For the uninitiated, his name might conjure up pleasant family-friendly memories of Thanksgiving and potatoes. Yung Gravy is anything but pleasant. His lyrics, while very clever and humorous, are vulgar beyond belief.

Hit songs, such as “Mr. Clean,” have incredible production value with inspired beats and heavy bass, but are nowhere near family-friendly. This is typical of most trap rappers, but what sets Yung Gravy apart from the rest is his charisma and humor. He lives to entertain, and the concert was proof of that.

Yung Gravy came out performing his song “Knockout” with loud approval from the crowd. While the openers had incredible stage presence, the audience had eagerly awaited his entrance for hours. “Splash Mountain” was next on the setlist, and it’s simple chorus allowed the crowd to sing along and dance with ease.

After a few more songs, Yung Gravy brought bbno$ back out, and the two began conversing with the crowd, which led to the two stage-diving while the bass dropped on “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot.”

Yung Gravy remarked several times on how much energy there was in the room, with resounding cheers from the crowd. He and bbno$ talked about how the Midwest has a different vibe than East Coast cities, and how glad he was that it was cold in Cleveland because it reminded him of his home state of Minnesota.

A second peak of the concert came when Gravy performed his song “Mr. Clean,” followed by “Flex Season.” These are two of his most popular songs, with the first having over 60 million streams on Spotify. Singing along, the crowd moved with the beat.

“The openers left a lot to be desired, but Gravy really stepped up to bring the sauce and save the show,” said first-year student Alex Wang. This reaction seemed universal, as people flooded out with smiles on their faces after the concert was over.

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Gravy train stops at the House of Blues